The Dickson Family is a fanon season 22 episode of Supernanny. Jo heads off to San Antonio, Texas to meet the biggest family ever yet. Ian, age 54, and Marissa, age 51 have a whopping 500,000 foster children, 250,000 adopted children from 20 different countries, and 10 biological children of their own. Jo also gets assistance from Mike Ruggles. Can Jo and Mike work together to bring this family back together? This episode marks an issue of the Calm Down Zone, Naughty Pit, Naughty Pillow, Super Naughty Pit, Naughty Couch, Thought Box, Good Eater, and Snack Box Technique. 

Naughty Pillow

Biological ChildrenEdit

  • Jared, age 14, well-behaved.
  • Identical twins Dick and Dan, age 12, they have the same brain mixed with Imogen from the Panizza Family.
  • Geoff, age 11, refuses to eat vegetables, threatening his health with Type 1 Diabetes and only prefers junk food.
  • Leslie, age 10, well-behaved.
  • Dex, age 8, he has the same brain mixed with Skylar from the Funnie Family and ALWAYS wishes his parents dead (his words, not mine!).
  • Carly, age 5, throws tantrums when things don't go her way.
  • Twins Nathan and Noel, age 2, well-behaved.
  • Lulu, age 1, has the same brain mixed with Maybel from the Simpson Family.

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