In this episode, Ola and Kendra head to Seattle to help single mother Rose Deville (38), who has three unruly and rebellious daughters. Lilly (14) smokes pot and truants school, Violet (10) refuses to go to sleep at a decent hour and Daisy (6) is extremely violent. She has been kicked out of four schools and is proud of it (her words, not mine). At this time, her military husband David (39), is stationed overseas in Iraq for a year. Will Ola and Kendra be able to save this family?

Discipline techniques used: Lose What You Like Chart? (for Lilly and Violet) and Thinking Pond? (for Daisy)

Other techniques used: Family Time, Get What You Hate Chart, Trust Technique, Vandal Disposal, Stay in Bed, Work Out Your Anger Chart? and Selena Gomez Reward Chart


  • This is the final appearance of Ola Smith for the season because she is about to give birth. In the next episode, the Buckeridge Family, Kendra is the permanent nanny from here on for this season.

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