Orla Sanderman (born September 25, 2017) is a quadruplet sister of Carrie, Sienna and Reggie Sanderman and daughter of Joey and Emma Sanderman.

She is a boss in

Fame Checker DescriptionsEdit


She wears an orange sweater


Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Joey Sanderman (1978-)
  • Mother: Emma Sanderman (1966-)
  • Brothers: Jason Sanderman (2003-), Tony Sanderman (2008-)
  • Sisters: Roberta Sanderman (2006-), Carrie Sanderman (2017-), Sienna Sanderman (2017-), Reggie Sanderman (2017-)
  • Aunts: Janelle Foster, Summer Foster, Alyssa Foster, Tracy Foster, Mara Foster, Jada Sanderman, America Sanderman, Ivy Sanderman
  • Uncles: Maverick Foster, Cedric Foster, Spencer Foster, Broderick Foster, Coleman Foster, Dawson Sanderman
  • Cousins: Eric Foster, Byron Sanderman, Norman Foster, Myra Foster, Noelle Sanderman, Tim Foster
  • Grandmothers: Valerie Sanderman, Edina Foster
  • Grandfathers: Norbert Sanderman, Jerome Foster


  • Her full name is Orla Elizabeth Sanderman.
  • She likes to watch Tom and Jerry
  • For Halloween 2018, she was dressed up as a Baby Ballerina Cat


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