Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "This week on Supernanny, Ruth travels to Miami to meet the Decjuans.

[Tommy tries to trip over Randall with his leg, but fails because Randall skips over it]

Tommy: "You b****! That was my baseball bat!"

Announcer: "A six-year-old terror is ruining the household with his poor behavior."

[Tommy spits at Sally]

Hayley: "We don't spit, Tommy."

Announcer: "And mom and dad are struggling to control his acts."

Submission ReelEdit

Ruth: "So, I'm in Miami, Florida ready to help the new family. Let's take a look and see who we have, shall we?"

Hayley: "Hi, we're the Decjuan Family. I'm Hayley."

William: "And I'm William."

Hayley: "We have four children. Randall is 9, the fraternal twins Sally and Samuel are 8 and Tommy is 6."

William: "3 children are well behaved, Tommy is the worst son ever."

Tommy: (bleep) YOU!!!

Hayley: "He says bad words, he spits at anybody, he attacks the twins but our son Randall."

[Tommy hits Sally and Samuel]

Samuel: "Tommy! Stop it!"

William: "3 children don't like Tommy because he rules the household."

Hayley: "Please Ruth! I need you to help this family this instant! You only got 2 minutes left, hurry!"

Ruth: "Oh my god! His behaviour is gotta stop! I'm on my way!"

Observation BeginsEdit

[Ruth knocks the door]

[Randall, Sally, Samuel, Hayley and William answer it]

Ruth: "Hi, tell me your names please."

Randall: I'm Randall, and this is Sally and Samuel."

Ruth: "Hi, nice to meet you. You guys are all here."

[Tommy spills Samuel's fizzy drink on the floor]

Samuel: "Mom!"

Hayley: "What's going on?

Samuel: "Tommy spilled my fizzy drink on the floor!"

Hayley: "Oh my! Tommy, you don't spill other people's drinks."

Tommy: "SHUT UP YOU (bleep) B****!"

Hayley: "Tommy, you don't say that word. That's not nice."

Tommy: "I can say whatever I want!"

Hayley: "No you can't. You're only allowed to say acceptable things."

AM MorningEdit

William: "Randall, time to go to school!"

Randall: "Yes dad! I'm putting my clothes on!"

[Tommy bursts into Randall's room and hits Randall]

Randall: "Dad! Help me!"

Tommy: "SHUT UP!!!"

[William enters Randall's room]

William: "Tommy, stop hitting my son!"

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