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Sophie: "Reicheru, call Toshio, Ri Min-Li, Mei, Ri Dae-Jung, Park Young-Soo, Park Su-Hyun, Satoko, Hiro, Another Reicheru, Samantha, and Zhao down, people need to see them now."

Reicheru: "Okay, Sophie-San."

[Reicheru goes upstairs and uses a microphone]

Reicheru: "The required people need to come: Toshio Samo, Ri Min-Li, Mei Cloud, Ri Dae-Jung, Park Young-Soo, Park Su-Hyun, Satoko Samo, Hiro Shinozawa, Another Reicheru, Samantha Kyra and Zhao Cloud, you all 11 need to come down here ASAP. Thank you."

[The 11 come down]

Man: "You 11, are under questioning, you killed over 100,000 people, each, Toshio Samo, 400,000, Ri Min-Li, 350,000, Mei Cloud, 300,000, Ri Dae-Jung, 280,000, Park Young-Soo, 250,000, Park Su-Hyun, 230,000, Satoko Samo, 200,000, Hiro Shinozawa, 160,000, Another Reicheru, 140,000, Samantha Kyra, 120,000, and Zhao Cloud, 100,000."

Man 2: "You sirs and madams, are the Death Soldiers!"

Satoko: "" (Translated: The f(bleep) do you mean?)

Man: "You are named that term since you caused the highest death tolls in battles."

Toshio: "" (Translation: "Of course, we understand that!")

Samantha: "What are we supposed to be doing now?"

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