Death Soldiers (JP: 11 Great War Lords) is a term referring to 11 Team Terrific 10 members whose death tolls exceed 100,000 during the entire war.


  1. Toshio Samo, Japan, Doctor, 400,000 deaths
  2. Another Marie Lara-Rutter: North Korea (DPRK), Firing Squad leader, 350,000 Deaths
  3. Mei Cloud, China, Prison Guard, 300,000 Deaths
  4. Another Mark: North Korea (DPRK), Prison Guard, 280,000 Deaths
  5. Another Andrew Tinnings: South Korea (ROK), Prison Guard, 250,000 deaths
  6. Another Andrea Tinnings: South Korea (ROK), Prison Guard, 230,000 deaths
  7. Satoko Samo: Japan, Japanese-speaking corps leader, 200,000 deaths.
  8. Hiro Shinozawa: Japan, Spy, 160,000 deaths
  9. Another Reicheru, Japan, Prison Guard, 140,000 deaths
  10. Samantha Kyra, USA, Prison Guard, 120,000 deaths
  11. Zhao Cloud, China, Prison Guard, 100,000 deaths.


The term was given to 11 Team Terrific 10 members for their brutality and cruelty to prisoners and the opposing side.


  • Toshio Samo is the youngest Death Soldier, (6), with Hiro being the oldest (91 biologically, 23 at death)/

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