Daryl Carson (born March 10, 1970) is a single widowed father of 24 kids, who lost his wife Doris due to a hit-and-run accident.


Daryl has gray hair with some brown in it, he wears black pants with a belt, and a suit shirt with a tie.


Daryl is a kind, patient and caring father.

Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Eugene Carson (1936-)
  • Mother: Judith "Judy" Carson (Nee Strauss) (deceased) (1936-2016)
  • Brothers: Philip Carson (1968-), Steve Carson (1966-), Nicholas Carson (1964-)
  • Sisters: Theresa Carson Turner (1967-), Delilah Carson Lewis (1962-), Gabrielle "Gabby" Carson Martin (1972-)
  • Nieces: Penny Carson (1991-), Jill Carson (1993-), Anna Carson (1995-), Lily Carson (1997-), Grace Carson (1999-), Leigh Carson (1998-), Pamela Turner (1996-), Lydia Turner (1998-), Maia Lewis (1995-), Emma Lewis (1997-), Lauren Martin (1998-)
  • Nephews: Pete Carson (1990-), Chad Carson (1992-), Gilbert Carson (1994-), Mark Carson (1996-), Dylan Carson (2000-), Michael Turner (1996-), Reuben Turner (1999-), Toby Lewis, Jr. (1995-), Duncan Lewis (1997-), Jim Martin (2002-), Tyrell Martin (2005-)
  • Brothers-in-law: Carter Turner (1966-), Toby Lewis, Sr. (1965-), Randy Martin (1976-)
  • Wife: Doris Conway Carson (deceased) (1969-2027)
  • Father-in-Law: Robert Conway (1938-)
  • Mother-in-Law: Jean Conway (1939-)
  • Sons: Sean Carson (2001-), Michael Carson (2003-), Nick Carson (2007-), Blake Carson (2009-), John Carson (2010-), Aaron Carson (2012-), Derek Carson (2013-), Bobby Carson (2014-), Jack Carson (2015-), Stu Carson (2016-), Billy Carson (2017-), Danny Carson (2019-), Nathan Carson (2020-), Andrew Carson (2022-)
  • Daughters: Carly Carson (2005-), Paige Carson (2006-), Jacqueline Carson (2008-), Denise Carson (2011-), Quinn Carson (2018-), Rachel Carson (2019-), Destiny Carson (2021-), Erin Carson (2023-), Angel Carson (2024-), Claire Carson (2025-)
  • Daughters-in-Law: Marie Milano Carson (2000-), Jessica Tucker Carson (2002-)
  • Granddaughters: Gabriella Carson (2028-)


  • His full name is Daryl Harvey Carson
  • His favorite foods are potato soup and risotto
  • He enjoys reading, hunting and golfing
  • His favorite book is The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
  • He dislikes dust because he is allergic to it so he spends his time cleaning the house
  • The driver who ran over his wife was under the influence of drugs, and was charged with hit-and-run, driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol, driving with a suspended liscence and involuntary manslaughter
  • He tried to get Claire to talk to a trusted counselor about her feelings and her anger and sorrow
  • His favorite movie is Home Alone

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