The Darmlin Family is a fanon season 29 episode of Supernanny. Kimberley Joseph visits Longford, Co. Longford, Ireland to meet the Darmlin Family. Orson, age 35, and Sylvia, age 33, have 14-year-old female quintuplets named Cameo, Esmeralda, Sapphira, Cyan, and Coral. These teenagers except Cyan, who is the oldest and only well-behaved quintuplet, are constantly driving Orson and Sylvia mad with name-calling, refusing to do chores, taking over 5 different drugs a day, and whenever they are out in public, they force other adults to do inappropriate things such as mooning other people. They also spend too much time on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It's up to Kimberley to turn things around. This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Swivel (for Cameo, Esmeralda, Sapphira, and Coral), Lose What You Like Chart, Get What You Hate Chart, Drug Disposal, Friends Technique, Chore Buddy System, Thought Box (for Cyan), and Family Time.