"DON'T TAKE MY SON'S SHADOW PLUSH, EVER!" is a creepypasta about Toshio and Satoko Samo from Jennie-Olive Gane's POV


It was a rainy evening in the Samo-Woods Family I was visiting, Satoko just killed me, I had taken her son's Shadow plush and disturbed her watching AKIRA

Let me tell you how it all started, I visited the house for a few days with my spoiled 8-year old Keira, she demanded the plush toys while screaming "I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT!, so I took the Shadow plush, then I heard a voice coming from the doll, "Behind you!", a few minutes, I fondled with Satoko's breasts while watching anime with her, then she knocked me unconsious,

Then I was, bounded and blindfolded, then someone took it off, It was a Japanese woman in her late 20's, she wore a corset, with a short black skirt, as well as having large breasts, and have a katana with blood on it, with a devillish smirk, she stabbed the katana into my eye and I screamed,

The boy who my daughter was talking about came in, he stared at me with soulless eyes before snickering and getting out a knife, he stabbed my stabbed eye even more, he said something. but I don't speak Japanese, "IT WILL ONLY BE OVER IF YOU DIE!" Satoko said in Japanese, the 8-year old went home when her father picked her up, then Satoko stabbed the katana into my heart, then I died.

I am Jennie-Olive and this is my story,