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Tonight on Supernanny...Edit

Announcer: Tonight on Supernanny....

Kahlia: "You are such an (bleep)!"

Announcer: "Jo meets the Cummings family..."

[Nikki punches Claire in the face]

Claire: (whining) "Mom! Nikki punched me in the face!"

Announcer: "With two badly behaved daughters, Mom is at breaking point."

[Laine pours a glass of whiskey]

[Kahlia appears and tips the glass over and off the table, but Laine manages to catch it before the glass even falls to the floor and breaks]

Laine: "Kahlia, you almost broke the glass of whiskey."


Observation BeginsEdit

Observation ContinuesEdit

Parents MeetingEdit

Jo: "The reason your daughters misbehave Laine is because you tolerate it."

House Rules and DisciplineEdit

Laine's ConfessionEdit

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