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Naughty SquareEdit

Jo: "It wasn't long before Simon ran into Adelaide's room and took her Cyndi Lauper CD out of her CD player and put Justin Bieber on"

Ella: "Simon, if you do not put Cyndi Lauper back on for Adelaide, you will sit on the Naughty Square". 

(Simon throws Adelaide's Cyndi Lauper CD) 

Ella: "You will sit on the Naughty Square, Simon."

(Ella takes Simon to the Naughty Square)

Ella: "You are here for not letting Adelaide have Cyndi Lauper on. Stay there for 4 minutes.

(Ella withdraws the Justin Bieber CD out of Adelaide's CD player and deposits the Cyndi Lauper CD back into Adelaide's CD player)

Ella: "You can have Cyndi Lauper on, darling."

Jo: Simon stubbornly refused to stay on the Naughty Square."


Ella: "No, Simon."

[Jo puts Simon back on the Naughty Square and then she and Ella walk away from him, leaving him there]

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