The Craft Family is a Fanon season 12 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Cape Cod Bay, MA to meet the Crafts. Nick, age 39 and Evelyn, age 38 have 5 daughters, one of them is Megan Craft, age 10 who is Christine Moranis' former best friend. She is very violent and aggressive, the others are Chen, age 19 and from China, Gabbie, age 13, Agatha, age 11, Satoko, age 8 and from Japan, Satoko, Chen and Agatha are all well behaved but not Megan and Gabbie, Megan bullies Agatha and Satoko by taking their toys off them and got kicked out of 5 schools thanks to her behavior and Gabbie got kicked out of 6 schools for her behavior. Can Jo turn the tide for this family? This episode marks an issue of the Reflection Area, Essay Order, and Lose What You Like Chart (for Megan and Gabbie).

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