Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Narrator: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

Submission ReelEdit

Jo Frost: "Let's take a look and see who we got here this time, shall we?"

???: "Hi, I'm Benjamin Cotten, a neurologist."

???: "Hi, I'm Kirstie Cotten, a stay-at-home mom."

Kirstie and Benjamin: "And we're the Cottens."

Benjamin: "We have five kids: Kristin who is 18, Andrew who is 8, Allyson who is 7, Logan who is 4 1/2, and baby Elijah who is 3 months."

Observation BeginsEdit

Obsevation ContinuesEdit

Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit

Baby LogEdit

Jo: "Today, I'd like to introduce the Baby Log,"


Trip to the Grocery StoreEdit

Jo: "On a nice morning, Mom took the kids to a local grocery store, but it was a pure nightmare to be honest."

[Logan runs off]

Kirstie: "Logan, wait!"

Logan: "Goodbye, you idiot!"

Kirstie: "Logan, you'd better not be stealing anything."

[Logan dumps Wonka candy into the shopping cart]


Bye Bye, Jo-JoEdit

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