Coraline McGuire (born May 6, 2011) is a daughter of Rustin and Salem McGuire and the identical sextuplet sister of Trixie, Autumn, Lenore, Midnight and Glinda.



Family TreeEdit


  • Her full name is Coraline Karen McGuire
  • She and her sextuplet siblings, along with the twins and Priscilla make money to buy the Monster High dolls and accessories by selling lemonade, walking the neighbors' dogs, mowing the lawns for the neighbors and raking the leaves
  • Her favorite food is tacos
  • Her favorite Monster High character is Cleo de Nile
  • Her favorite color is indigo
  • Her least favorite school subjects are social studies and science
  • Her favorite activity is painting
  • Her favorite season is spring
  • She likes riding her bike
  • Her favorite movie is An American Tail
  • Her favorite TV show is Good Luck Charlie


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