The Cooke Family (not to be confused with the UK season 2 episode) is a Fanon Season 19 episode of the Supernanny fanon series. Jo visits Morrice, Michigan to help a grieving family who lost two of the first kids' mothers to a car accident and leukemia a few years ago. A 23-year-old single father, Kyle Cooke, has 4 children: The first two daughters are identical twins, Danielle and Kara, who are 4 1/2, and fraternal twins, daughter, Monica and son, Robbie, who are 3 1/2. Danielle, Kara and Robbie are sweet, well-behaved little angels. but guess who is the world-class devil? It's Monica, as she is a sloppy writer and likes to write bad words on the walls, ruins holidays and special occasions, and does all other stuff, like tossing casual abuse at her father's friends, treating her father like dirt and disrespecting her siblings endlessly. She stayed in Elementary school, but she was expelled from over 17 preschools due to her blatant, unacceptable behavior, and she also refuses to eat her vegetables. Monica threatens to have Kyle put in prison for the rest of his life if he even thinks of homeschooling her. Kyle is an expert gamer, computer geek and good reader, and he also owns a very own Nintendo WFC Company, available while the kids are at school. He also owns modern video game, and he is also a very popular YouTuber. Can Jo Frost put this family back together, or will Monica continue to be disrespectful and tear this family apart?

Discipline techniques used: Naughty Rectangle, Toy Confiscation, Work Out Your Anger Chart

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