The Contemporary Family is a fanon season 23 episode of Supernanny. Gloria visits Melbourne, FL to meet the Contemporaries. Jerry Contemporary (37) and Niecy (39) and her siblings visit. Niecy and her siblings are stubborn. They leave Moriah (15 1/2) as a third parent. She has cerebral palsy, making this a difficult situation. Bryce (4), Blake (3), and Ryan (2 1/2) make fun of Moriah for having cerebral palsy, and makes fun of Niecy for being fat, Anna (37) for having red eyes and red hair, Fern (36) for losing all her hair due to chemotherapy when she had leukemia 30 years ago, and Monique (35, born in Africa) because of her race. Can Gloria help this family?

Discipline techniques: Super Naughty Log, Jumbo Green Smoothie, Lose What You Like Chart, and Get What You Hate Chart.

Other techniques: Work Out Your Anger Chart, Chore Chart, Upgrade Chart, and Point Chart.

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