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Coco Williams (born June 6, 2019 in Paris, France) is one of the adoptive daughters of Bryce and Petunia Williams. She was born in Paris, France.


She is in a wheelchair due to her motor neuron disease.


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  • Her full name is Coco Jocelyne Williams
  • In Christmas 2028, she opened up her presents to reveal an iPad, an MP3 player, a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, . And in her stocking, she found nuts, fruits, candy and some ballpoint pens.
  • In Christmas 2035, she opened her presents to reveal a computer laptop, a red beret, a poodle statue, a gift card to Bath and Body Works and a gift card to Starbucks. And in her stocking, she found a designer scarf, a new pair of gloves, some candy canes, a few chocolate coins, a gift card to GameStop and a new MP3 player.
  • For Halloween 2028, she was dressed up as Tween Cheer Bear in a Care Bear Cloud Car
  • For Halloween 2035, she was dressed up as a Teen Girl Lollipop Fairy on a cotton candy cloud decorated with lollipops and candy
  • Her favorite movie is Disney's The Aristocats
  • Her favorite TV show is The Simpsons on FOX
  • Her favorite color is pink
  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is peanut butter cup
  • She has had a motor neuron disease when she was born, which resulted her in being confined to a wheelchair
  • Her favorite hobbies are collecting stamps and scrapbooking
  • Her favorite video game is
  • She is made fun for using a wheelchair


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