Clove Valentine (born February 14, 2010) is a daughter of Nina and Marc Valentine. She enjoys taking jazz dance classes.



Birthday PartiesEdit

  • 1st birthday- -themed birthday party
  • 2nd birthday- -themed birthday party
  • 3th birthday- -themed birthday party
  • 4th birthday- -themed birthday party
  • 5th birthday- Frozen-themed birthday party
  • 6th birthday- Sofia the First-themed birthday party
  • 7th birthday- Ever After High-themed birthday party
  • 8th birthday- Floral-themed birthday party
  • 9th birthday- Tokyo Mew Mew-themed birthday party
  • 10th birthday- My Life as a Teenage Robot-themed birthday party
  • 11th birthday- Zoey 101-themed birthday party
  • 12th birthday- Glitter-themed birthday party
  • 13th birthday- As Told by Ginger-themed birthday party
  • 14th birthday- -themed birthday party
  • 15th birthday- -themed birthday party
  • 16th birthday- -themed birthday party
  • 17th birthday- -themed birthday party

Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Marc Valentine (1979-)
  • Mother: Nina Valentine (1982-)
  • Brothers: Sage Valentine (2012-), Wolf Valentine (2013-)
  • Sister: Buffy Valentine (2007-)
  • Aunts: Wilma Adams-Costa (1980-), Eleanor -Costa ( -), Gloria Costa-Bálint (1981-), Agatha Valentine, Esther Valentine
  • Uncles: John Adams (1977-), Alister Costa (1978-), Philip Bálint ( -), Hubert Valentine, Wallace Valentine, Gary Valentine
  • Cousins: Cheryl Valentine, Billy Valentine,
  • Grandmothers: Daveigh Valentine, Jodi Costa (deceased)
  • Grandfathers: Sterling Valentine, Joseph Costa


  • Her full name is Clove Tara Valentine
  • Her talents include jazz dance, classical jazz interpretive dance, sac-jazz dance, modern jazz dance, broadway jazz dance, vocal, ballet, jazz baton dance & acrobatics
  • Her favorite show is
  • Her favorite game is
  • Her favorite food is
  • Her favorite toy is her
  • Her favorite number is
  • Her favorite color is
  • Her favorite activities
  • Her favorite books are
  • Her favorite movie is


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