Nicole: "After Supernanny's visit, the Cloud Family went to an Anime convention to celebrate Hailey's ungrounding, Ai, Jiao, Song, Mei, and Wei are the only ones who cosplayed."

Agatha Sr.: "Since Hailey changed, we will be going to an anime convention, I got the tickets."

Morgan: "Hey, Ai, I have an idea, why won't you cosplay as Chibi!Fem!Japan, I made the costume, you'll love it!"

Mei: "" (Translation: Bring, mine?)

Song: "' (Translation: Yeah, bring that Venoct costume you made, you look so good in it!)

Ai: "" (Translation: Okay, mommy, uncle Song, you can cosplay as those two Chinese people from Black Butler!)

Jiao: "" (Translation: Okay dear, we got the cosplay)

Agatha: "Mei, stay with Zhao, don't go running off unless you want something."

[Mei nods]


[The family is walking through the stalls]

Ai: "" (Translation: Mommy, There's a blue haired pig-tailed girl, She's cute!)

Morgan: "You mean Hatsune Miku?)

Jiao: "" (Translation: And yes you can buy it)

[Song gets the Hatsune Miku plush and purchases it, then puts it in the bag]



[The girl runs to the Clouds]

Girl: "Squee, Konnichiwia! I'm Sam-kun, sugoi-desu!"

[The girl leans towards Ai, scaring her]

Agatha Sr. "Please, you're scaring my granddaughter."

Sam: "What a kawaii Nihonese family!"

Mei: "中华人民共和国........." (Translation: People's Republic of China.........)

[Mei plays Yo-Kai Watch while holding her Jibanyan plush without looking at Sam]

Sam: "What are you playing?"

Mei: "" (Translation: Yo....Kai Watch)

Agatha: "It's a game about finding ghosts using a magical watch, Mei loves the series, we buy her toys from Japan to get them, it was the first thing she ever laid her eyes on when we brought her to the United States."

Sam: "So, she must be from Japan then!"

[Mei looks at her, then nods her hair idea to side, indicating no]

Agatha: "Excuse me but, My kids are Chinese, with the exception of my 4 daughters."

Sam: "What a kawaii-desu sugoi toddler!"

Ai: "" (Translation: Listen to grandma! I'm Chinese!)

Mei: "中华......" (Translation: China......)

Agatha: "Ai and Mei is right, we're Chinese!"


Song: "" (Translation: China had been around way longer, Japan adopted kanji from China, b****!)

Agatha: "Leave us alone!"

[Sam snatches Ai and runs off with us as Jiao comes after her]

Sam: "My kawaii Nihonese child, I'll make you more kawaii!"

Jiao: "" (Translation: Hey! Give me back my child you annoying Weeaboo!)

Ai: "" (Translation: Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!)

Agatha: "Mei! Go after her now!"

Jiao: "" (Translation: You too, Zhao, get her, I'll catch up with you both!)

[Mei and Zhao chase Sam]

Nicole: "Ai and Sam were later found in a girls' bathroom, with Sam trying to put her cat ear hairband on Ai."

[Ai is sobbing as Sam is putting the cat ears on her]

[Jiao, Mei, and Zhao then goes into the bathroom]


[Jiao smacks the hairband on to the floor]

Ai: "" (Translation: Mommy!)

[Jiao picks up Ai]

Sam: "I want the kawaii Nihonese child!"

[Sam starts kissing Ai]

[Security guards come in]

Guard 1: "Okay, what's wrong?"

Sam: "That unsugoi lady won't let me touch the kawaii Nihonese child!"

Ai: "" (Translation: She, kissed me mommy)

Jiao: "" (Translation: She snatched my daughter, And kept calling me "Nihonese" but we told her that we were Chinese)

Mei: "" (Translation: Abducting woman)

Zhao: "" (Translation: Mei is right)

Guard 2: "Sam, this is your warning, you don't abduct this Chinese toddler! Any further violation will possibly result in being banned from the convention. I will also take your badge and have you arrested and charged with kidnapping."

Sam: "But Guard-san, I want that kawaii Nihonese onna!"

Guard 2: "Drop the argument or you will be hereby banned." 

Sam: "ONEGAI!"

Guard 1: "OK, you blew all of your chances. So you are hereby banned from going to the convention. Leave this instant."

[The two guards drag Sam away]


[The guards leave with Sam]

Jiao: "" (Translation: "Glad that's over with. Ai, are you OK?")

Ai: "" (Translation: "Yes, mommy.")

Mei: "" (Translation: I hate that girl)

[Sam frees herself of the guard's grip and grabs Mei's Jibanyan plush doll]

Mei: "" (Translation: Jiba.......)

Sam: "You don't deserve this kawaii doll, c***k!"

Mei: "" (Translation:

Agatha: "She got that Jibanyan plush for her birthday last year, her dad got it from Japan, he goes to Japan a lot and brings back lots of cool things, he always buys Mei something related to Yo-Kai Watch such as plush toys, manga, and many other things, and she dislikes people taking it off her, Mulan also likes it and plays the game to keep her entertained."

[Tears start to flow Mei's eyes]

Sam: "Chinese should not be playing this game!"

[Mei starts to scream in anguish, then Hailey goes up to Sam and knees her, dropping the Jibanyan plush and giving it back to Mei]

Mei: "" (Translation: Japanese-right winger wannabe)

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