The Cloud Family is an episode of Season 27, Annie travels to Helena, Montana to meet a family with 12 children from China with 2 badly-behaved biological children with 2 biological kids 100% well-behaved, Agatha Sr., age 46, and John, age 47, have 16 children with 1 grandchild, twins Song and Jiao (adopted from Nanjing), age 20, Agatha Jr. (nicknamed Aggie), age 19, Baozhai (adopted from Tianjin), age 18, Zhao (adopted from Beijing), age 17, Wei (adopted from Guangzhou), age 16, Mei (adopted from Nanning), age 15, Mulan (adopted from Shenzhen), age 14, Morgan, age 13, Dongmei (adopted from Shanghai), age 12, Mingzhui (adopted from Harbin), age 11, Jane, age 10, Chun (adopted from Huizhou), age 9, Chen (adopted from Chongqing), age 8, Ling (adopted from Changchum), age 7, Hailey, age 6, and Ai, age 2 and is Jiao's daughter, The adopted children, Jane and Agatha Jr. are 100% well-behaved, Morgan and Hailey fight, swear, make the younger kids watch and listen to inappopriate things and are very selfish. Ai has an upcoming birthday and is afraid that Morgan and Hailey will ruin it, the Chinese children don't speak english, but Agatha is Chinese-American, so she, Morgan and Hailey understand Chinese, Morgan terroizes Mulan, she also dates her 19-year old boyfriend that Agatha Sr. and John highly forbid due to his criminal record but he is actually kind to the family and hides his record. Also, Hailey is very spoiled; she takes her clothes off in public and fake-cries in attempt to get her Chinese siblings in trouble. In addition, she has been expelled from several schools. Can Annie solve these problems or will the disrespect continue?

Disipline Techiques: Reflection Room (For Morgan and Hailey)

Other Techiques: Same PageThought Box (for Jane, Agatha Jr. and Ai), Mommy and Me, White Sheets, Star Reward Chart