Tonight on SupernannyEdit

Announcer: "Jo travels to Sacramento, California to stop a seven-year-old from tearing her family apart."

Announcer: "Deanna terrorizes her siblings."

[Deanna hits Gabriella with her Monster High doll]

Gabriella (to Deanna): "(bleep)head." [hits Deanna with a Barbie doll.]

Announcer: "And throws tantrums."

Deanna (to Krista): "I said back off, you back off!" [hits Krista]

Deanna (to Nicholas): "Get out of my (bleep) room, you idiot!" [slams door]

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's take a look to see what family we got here."

Krista: "Hi, we're the Clark family. We live in Sacramento, California. I'm Krista, I'm a single mom, and I have three kids: Deanna's 7, Gabriella's 4, and Nicholas is 3. My husband died 3 years ago and the children are huge tattletales. Deanna can be very angry and lots of shouting, screaming, rudeness, and cursing."

[Deanna hits Gabriella]

[Gabriella screams]

[Gabriella kicks Deanna]

Krista: "My children fight with each other all the time."

[Deanna hits Nicholas with her Lulu the leopard plush.]

Nicholas (to Deanna): "Ow!'

Krista (to Deanna): "Deanna, stop."

Jo: "That behavior from Deanna has to stop."

Krista: "Deanna and Gabriella fight all the time, like every single day."

[Deanna drops her pudding]

Deanna (to Gabriella): "I dropped my pudding. Can you pick it up?"

Gabriella (to Deanna): "No, I won't. It's your food."

Deanna (to Gabriella): "Go and (bleep) yourself, Gabriella."

Gabriella (to Deanna): "Kill yourself, Deanna. I won't care."

Krista: "When I go to a place with my kids, it's a huge embarrassment."

Gabriella (to Krista): "Mom, buy this Barbie doll for me, please."

Deanna (to Krista): [pushed Gabriella] "Buy this Monster High doll for me. Monster High dolls are better than crappy Barbie dolls."

Gabriella (to Deanna): "Why did you push me? I did nothing!"

[Deanna hits Gabriella]

[Gabriella screams]

[Gabriella and Deanna run]

Krista: "Deanna and Gabriella, come here now!"

Krista "Oh my god. This is a huge nightmare, seriously."

Jo: "So disrespectful"

Krista: "Nicholas and Gabriella behave badly too."

[Nicholas hits Krista]

Gabriella (to Deanna): "Deanna, you are so ugly."

Gabriella (to Deanna): [sings a song] ♪ "I can't believe that my sister's so ugly." ♪

Deanna (to Gabriella): "Have you ever looked at yourself in a mirror? You are ugly!"

Gabriella (to Deanna): "Whatever."

Krista: "Supernanny, I'm desperate. We need your help. Please come and help us."

Jo: "You guys need some good help! I'm on my way."

Observation BeginsEdit

[door bell rings]

Krista: "Guys, I think the nanny's here."

Deanna: "I'll open the door."

Gabriella: "No, I'll open the door."

Krista: "You both can open the door."

[opens the door]

Jo: "Hello."

Krista: "Hello. I'm Krista Clark, nice to meet you." [shakes hand]

Jo: "How are you?"

Krista: "I'm fine, thank you."

Krista: "When Jo came, I was all like "Finally, help for my kids." because I wanted help for my kids so bad. Jo is grateful, helpful, and calming. I was so amazed."

Deanna (to Jo): "Hi, I'm Deanna."

Jo (to Deanna): "How are you?"

Deanna (to Jo): "Good."

Gabriella (to Jo): "Hi.""

Jo (to Gabriella): "Nice to meet you."

Jo (to Nicholas): "Hi." [shakes Nicholas' hand.]

Jo (interview): "As soon as I arrived, I wanted to see exactly how bad this "sibling rivalry" was and it wasn't great."

Jo (to Deanna): "Do you love your sister?"

Deanna (to Jo): "No."

Jo (to Deanna): "Why?"

Deanna (to Jo): "Because she's annoying"

Jo (to Deanna): "Why do you think she's annoying?"

Deanna (to Jo): "Because she's snobby, bratty, spoiled, she tries to steal my toys, she brags about everything, she pulls my hair, she makes rumors about me at school, and much more.

Jo (to Gabriella): "Gabriella, do you love your sister?"

Gabriella (to Jo): "Nope"

Jo (to Gabriella): "Why?"

Gabriella (to Jo): "Because she's mean, disrespectful, rude, she hits me with her toys, she punches me in the face, she kicks me, she screams at me, she pushes me, she doesn't share, she doesn't care about me, and she's annoying."

Deanna (to Gabriella): "Boohoo, I'm rude and disrespectful, boohoo"

Gabriella (to Deanna): "You are mean and disrespectful."

Deanna (to Gabriella): "You're bratty and snobby."

Parent MeetingEdit

Teaching BeginsEdit

Jo: "Since Deanna and Gabriella don't get along well, they will be placed in separate timeouts when they misbehave. The same goes for Nicholas if he misbehaves."

Naughty TriangleEdit

Naughty SquareEdit

Naughty CircleEdit

Teaching ContinuesEdit

DVD MeetingEdit

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