Christopher Trexler (born July 18, 2014) is a son of Max and Rebecca Trexler and the fraternal quadruplet brother of Lorrie, Maureen and Pat Trexler.

He and his quadruplet siblings appear as bosses in Supernanny: The Theory International

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  • His full name is Christopher Edward Trexler
  • He and his quadruplet siblings were diagnosed with ADHD when they were 2
  • He and his quadruplet siblings were expelled from 50 schools:
  1. Avent School for using profane language and the hazing incident
  2. Chapman's Private School
  3. German International School Boston
  4. Blackstone Elementary School for vandalizing the school walls
  5. International School of Boston
  6. Tynan Elementary School for completely trashing the classroom
  7. Love & Learn Preschool for assaulting the staff
  8. Little Scholars' Workshop for attacking the teacher
  9. Goodwill Mellon Academy for racism (bullying children with a different color on their skin than them)
  10. South Boston Head Start
  11. Chinese Church Head Start for setting the classroom on fire
  12. Excel Academy for writing down inappropriate words on a few pieces of paper and plagiarism
  13. Kids Are People School for bringing four firearms to school and threatening to kill the teacher
  14. Jeffries Point Nursery School for beheading dolls which belonged to some girls
  15. Old South Pre-School
  16. Ptac Academy of Excellence
  17. Olph Mission Grammar School for throwing books at their teacher and throwing cherry bombs at the playground
  18. Boston University Children's Center
  19. St. Mary School for continuous disobedience
  20. Bradley Elementary School
  21. Beacon Hill Nursery School
  22. Our Lady of Grace School
  23. Bridge Children's Center for bullying a physically handicapped child
  24. John Witnthrop School
  25. St. Anthony School
  26. Boston Children's School for starting a food fight in the cafeteria
  27. Park Street School for flushing cherry bombs down the toilet
  28. Kingsley Montessori School
  29. British School in Boston for flashing out their private parts to their classmates and committing sexual misconduct on fellow students the opposite gender of themselves
  30. Boston Adult Technical Academy
  31. East Boston Central Catholic School
  32. East Boston Montessori School
  33. Josiah Quincy Elementary School for harming fellow classmates with thrown rocks at recess
  34. Spruce Street Nursery School
  35. St. Rose School
  36. Twelfth Baptist Christian Preschool for stealing money from the collection plate
  37. Boston Children's School Annex for bullying their 20 fellow classmates, who each won a prize in the school carnival raffle, and the quadruplets didn't
  38. Tynan Elementary School
  39. St. Augustine Elementary School
  40. East Boston Ecc for bullying other kids
  41. St. Peter's Academy for scratching the principal's face very hard and the hazing incident
  42. Park Street School
  43. St. John School for stealing
  44. St. Brigid School
  45. Eagle Heights Academy
  46. Adams Elementary School
  47. James Condon Elementary School
  48. St. Mary Star of the Sea School
  49. Happy Day Nursery
  50. Gate of Heaven Elementary School
  • He and his quadruplet siblings were kicked out of 17 daycares:
  1. Learn & Play Day Care Center for blowing up a portion of it with a cherry bomb
  2. Patti-Cake Day Care Center
  3. Lena Park Day Care for tipping over the furniture and bullying other children
  4. Boston College Child Center
  5. Ellis Memorial Child Care Center for beheading dolls displayed for show and tell
  6. Tiny Tots Learning Center
  7. Shining Star Day Care
  8. Brookview House Day Care for lashing out at their teacher
  9. Kangaroo's Pouch Day Care
  10. Kids Palace Day Care
  11. Kid's First Day Care & Learning Center
  12. Tarrt's Day Care Center
  13. Pride N Joy Day Care
  14. ABC-123 Child Care Center
  15. Bridge Children's Center
  16. Little Folks Community Day Care
  17. John Hancock Child Care Center


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