Reflection RoomEdit

Gloria: "When Adam was playing with his Sonic and Tails plush toys, Fuju wanted to play with them. When Adam declined because it is his toys and not Fuju's, Fuju began to throw a fit."

[Adam is playing with his Sonic and Tails plush toys]

[Fuju walks in]

Fuju: "Adam, saya boleh bermain dengan Sonic dan ekor mainan mewah, cantik sila?" (Translation: "Adam, can I play with your Sonic and Tails plush toys, pretty please?")

Adam: "No thanks, sorry. Besides, they are my toys, not yours. Can you play with your own toys instead, please?"


[Fuju snatches Adam's Sonic and Tails plush toys from his hands]

Adam: "Fuju, please give them back!"

Fuju: "TIDAK!" (Translation: "NO!")

[Makiko comes into the room]

Makiko: "What in the name of Kami is happening?"

Adam: "Mommy, Fuju took my toys!"

Makiko: "Fuju, look at me. This is your warning. If you don't give Adam his toys back, you will be going to the Reflection Room. Do you understand?"

Fuju: "TIDAK! TIDAK! TIDAK!" (Translation: "NO! NO! NO!")

Makiko: "OK then. Reflection Room time for you. Let's go."

Makiko: "Fuju i am putting you here because you were annoying Adam and took his toys. I want you to stay here for 7 minutes."

7 minutes later ...

Fuju: Sorry mommy

Makiko: Give me a hug

[Jung-Dee beats the god out of Moo and pulls her to the ground]

Moo: MOM!

[Moo cries]

Makiko: Moosweetheart mummy's coming!

[Moo has a nosebleed]

Makiko: Mummy will get you cleaned up darling. As for you Jung-Dee you are Now in the reflection room for 12 minutes. Also no video games for a week! Stay for 12 minutes.

Jung-Dee: sorry mom

Makiko: Thank you

Gloria talks to Makiko and Zhao. Edit

Gloria: "Do you talk to your parents Zhao?"

Zhao: "No, they hated Makiko because she was Japanese, but she is the kindest woman I have ever met, even Jung-Dee really loves her, but likes me more, my mother even threatened to kill her, and I decided I didn't want my kids to grow up like that, she accused me of not being patriotic, a traitor, and even a Jap lover, her parents were more neutral, and they treated me with respect, and they were very supportive of me, and generally warned me not to go near right-wing nationalists."

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