The Chinese Ghost Children are three ghosts of three Chinese children from Han dynasty China in the 3rd century abducted by an unknown person while playing, their names are Wei Zhenghan, age 8, Jiao Xion, age 7, and Mulan Maozhi, age 11.

The GhostsEdit

Wei ZhenghanEdit

The only boy ghost out of the three, he is stabbed in the chest and killed.

Jiao XionEdit

Mulan MaozhiEdit


Purpose in TeamEdit

The children are spies and personal assassins, they also lead air battles and air raids, their version is called Chinese Blaze, where thousands of miniature bombs and attack energy is dropped, they are responsible for the Zhonghua Blood Massacre where they and other Chinese members went around murdering GBS camp guards in Agni concentration camp, 1,000 were killed by them, commonly by inserting objects into a woman's private area such as a long stick of bamboo, a bayonet, sometimes gangraped, men were nailed to boards and ran over with tanks, infants they were with were cut in half, and children that were in the camps with their parents that were two or one guards were stabbed and bayoneted to death, South Supernannya called it Rape of Agni Prison.

They are also the team's musicians and archeologists due reading traditional Chinese that dates back 2000 years.

In foreign languagesEdit

Chinese (Taiwan): 漢族孩子, Hànzú háizi (Children of the Han)

Chinese (China): 鬼求职者, Guǐ qiúzhí zhě (Ghost Seekers)

Japanese: 漢中国の死者子供, Kan Chūgoku no shisha kodomo (Dead Children of Han China)

Russian: Хан Трио, Khan Trio (Han Trio)

Chinese (Hong Kong): 中國游擊隊兒童, Zhōngguó yóu jí duì értóng (Chinese Guerrilla Children)


  • Their wounds easily mistake them for Nanking Massacre victims by Chinese visitors, as they are seen with Hiro, Huizong, and Meimei a lot and are seen playing with Tokiko and Jiao/Jiko

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