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Peter and Julie's DecisionEdit


Chantelle: "Fine!"

[Chantelle comes down the stairs]

[Peter shows Chantelle a bag of Marijuana he has found inner room]

Peter: "Chantelle, your behavior at Teen Camp is so appalling. It's bad enough that you hang out with that boy Alejandro, but doing drugs, that's when it works my last nerves. It has gotten so out of hand that you are going to be in Behavior Modification Camp."

Julie: "Because you were out partying, drinking alcohol and doing drugs with Alejandro and got arrested, we figured that this facility would give you a serious attitude adjustment."

1 week after Chantelle has left Edit

2 weeks after Chantelle has leftEdit

Chantelle: "This is a dump, (bleep), General!"

Officer: "You must do 100 jumping jacks, McGregor!"

3 weeks after Chantelle has leftEdit

Officer: "What did you just say, McGregor?"

4 weeks after Chantelle has leftEdit

Officer: "Did I give you permission to speak, McGregor? I don't remember giving you permission to speak! That's 20 push-ups!"

1 month after Chantelle has left Edit

6 months after Chantelle has leftEdit

[Corey is on a fishing trip with his dad]

8 months after Chantelle has left, Julie gets a callEdit

[Corey is playing chess with his dad]

Julie: "I'll get it!"

[Julie answers the phone]

Julie: "Hello, who is this, please?"

Delia German: "Chantelle is out of control! COME AND GET HER ASAP!"

Julie: "Why?"

Delia German: "She set the kitchen on fire!"


Chantelle: "Looks like you're gonna run out of options, sooner or later."

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