Catherine Sanchez (born Catherine Elizabeth Ray on May 6, 1989) is the wife of Garret Sanchez. These two met at a community college, two months prior to the timeless death of Catherine's elder brother, Daniel.

Family TreeEdit

  • Mother: Elizabeth Diane Rowe-Ray (1956-) (age 58)
  • Father: Gary Thomas Ray (1953-) (aged 60-61)
  • Brother: Daniel Benjamin Ray (1981-2010) (aged 28-29)
  • Husband: Garret Sanchez (1990-) (aged 24)
  • Sons: Miguel (2010-) Pedro and Pepito (2011-), Carlos (2014-)
  • Daughter: Myra (2015-)
  • Paternal Uncle: Jerry Ray (1963-2010) (aged 46-47)
  • Maternal Grandmother: Dorothy Hine-Rowe (1916-2008) (aged 81-82)
  • Paternal Grandfather: Bill Duncan Ray (1917-2006) (aged 81)
  • Sister-in-law: Adrianna Sanchez (1986-) (aged 28)
  • Father-in-law: Frank Sanchez ( -)
  • Mother-in-law: Terry Lynn Sanchez (1956-)
  • Brother-in-law: Steven Sanchez (1987-) (aged 27)
  • Brother-in-law: Robert Sanchez (1988-) (aged 26)
  • Nephew: Marcos C. Sanchez (2010-) (aged 4)
  • Niece: Alicia-Olivia Sanchez (2012-) (aged 2)



She has hazel eyes, short strawberry blonde hair and stands 5'7" tall. She wears eyeglasses, navy blue jeans, gray sneakers, and a deep pink t-shirt at the beginning of the episode.



  • She and her husband Garret both hate coconut
  • Her son Miguel was adopted from Mexico
  • Pedro and Pepito were adopted from Spain
  • Carlos and Myra are her biological children
  • Catherine owns video game systems such as Playstation 2, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS as of 2013
  • She is studying for an Associate's Degree in hopes to become a kindergarten teacher
  • Like her late brother, she has a seizure condition
  • Catherine gives her Pikachu plush backpack to her son Miguel
  • She and Garret like the movie Disney's Wreck-It Ralph
  • Her brother Daniel succumbed to heart failure
  • She and Catherine the Spellcaster do not only share a first name, but they were also born on the same day.

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