Note: This is another fake article to show how this episode was made incorrectly.

Episode Description

The Cassul Fahmalee is an episode of season 10,000? A 88 year old nanny named Judy Brown helps out the family? Chris Cassul is 60 years old and is a single father! He has 9 children! Gwen, Trent, Chris, Chris, Heather, LeShawna, Geoff, Fatso, and Owen! They are all bad except for Geoff who is 27 years old and is married to Ji kwong Kirochu? The amok runners are a million times worse than Giuseppe Todaro, Chantelle McGregor, Nora Heart, and Sabrina-Brunetta Spears? They murdered 1 million people in their city! All children have accounts on everything and have the NES, the SNES, the Virtual Boy, the Nintendo 64, and the Atari 2600! LOL!

What's wrong with this episode?

There are multiple issues with this episode:

  1. The family surname is messed up. So is the title. It should be called Castle Family.
  2. No TV show has ever reached 10,000 seasons. So having a season 10,000 is impossible.
  3. The nanny's age is too old and we do not know who she is.
  4. Most of the children's ages are not specified.
  5. There is a questionable marriage with Ji kwong from the Kirochu Family. In fact, Ji kwong would probably be very old by that point in season 10,000, or she would be already dead, making it impossible to marry her.
  6. Fatso is not a real name.
  7. Chris was named at least 3 times.
  8. There are recycled names from the Total Drama series.
  9. It's not possible to have children murder 1 million people in their city or be a million times worse than an amok runner.
  10. The location was not entered.
  11. Many punctuation errors are noticeable.
  12. The kids have accounts on everything, which is impossible.
  13. They also own discontinued consoles (which they cannot own since they already discontinued prior to their births).
  14. The LOL at the end is present, which is not necessary in descriptions.
  15. No technique was specified.

If a user made an episode like that, they will get a strict warning to fix the issues in the episode otherwise they will be blocked for a period of time.