Gloria heads out to Boston, MA to meet the Carrey Family. Aaron (49) and Lauren (49) have 36 children. They have 18 biological and 18 adopted. The kids 14-17 and the babies 1-2 are well behaved except for Bruno

Biological Edit

Ed, 18: Well-behaved

Frank, 17:Well-behaved

Homer, 16:Well-behaved

Isa, 15:Well-behaved

Lois, 14:Well-Behaved

Amber,13:Defiant and aggressive

Bruno, 12: Well-behaved

Marie, 11:Menaces her younger siblings

Mellisa, 10:Same thing as Marie

Pip, 9:Climbs on furniture

Bill, 8:Screams at the top of his lungs,swears, vandalizes things and headbutts

Benjamin, 7: Backtalks and stays up late at night watching Ed, Edd n' Eddy and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Tasha, 6:Only will eat Doritos

Marky, 5:Hits his parents

Jay, 4:Pulls his own pants down

Kelly, 3:Same thing as Jay

Joshua, 2:Well Behaved

Wanda, 1:Well Behaved


Adolfo (age 18 and from Mexico): Well-behaved

Ji min (age 6 and from South Korea)

Catherine (age 3 and from France): Well-behaved

Kasumi (age 10 and from Japan)

Fang (age 4 and from China)

Judith (age 7 and from Hungary)

Coco (age 11 and from France): Refuses to wake up for school and is violent to her siblings; biological older sister of Catherine

Chica (age 8 and from Australia)

Dagmar (age 5 and from Norway)

Franziska (age 16 and from Germany)

Charlie (age 9 and from England in the United Kingdom)

Apollo (age 12 and from Greece)

Gemma (age 14 and from Bermuda)

Rory (age 17 and from South Africa)

Kevin (age 15 and from Chile)

Naomi (age 13 and from Kenya)

Laura (age 1 and from Colombia)

David (age 2 and from New Caledonia)

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