Jo Frost-12-2-11
Carmichael Family is a Fanon fifth season episode of Supernanny. Nanny Jo visits Chicago, Illinois to meet the Carmichaels. Phil, age 36, and Kimberly, age 32, have four children: 16-year-old Megan, 11-year-old Dustin, 7-year-old Jared, and 3-year-old Macy-Dawn. Megan is dating her 27-year-old boyfriend which her parents explicitly forbid due to his past criminal record and age difference, texting and talking on her cell phone non-stop, swearing, staying out past curfew, and lying to her parents. Dustin is skipping school, talking back to his parents, swearing, stealing, spitting, destroying furniture, wrestling with his brother, pulling pranks, and shouting. Jared is very rude to his parents; he spits in his parents' face, uses inappropriate language and gestures, plays with dangerous objects, playing baseball in the house, refusing to do homework, breaking his mother's iPad, smashing every technology and toy in the house, and causing a scene in public. The youngest, Macy-Dawn, throws tantrums and cries when she does not get her way, is a picky eater, screams, hits, throws toys, and spits. This episode features an issue on the Naughty Zone, Toy Confiscation, Good Eater and the Naughty Circle.