Carlotta Cortez (born January 10, 2009) is the youngest daughter of Miguel and the late Patricia Cortez.



She is well behaved, but she refuses to sleep in her own bed and always sleeps on the sofa.

Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Miguel Cortez (1984-)
  • Mother: Patricia Cortez (née: Kita) (deceased: 1979-2013)
  • Stepmother: Sharon Townsend ( -)
  • Stepbrothers: Townsend ( -), Townsend ( -), Townsend ( -)
  • Sister: Stefanie Cortez (2005-)
  • Aunts: Ebony Cortez
  • Uncles: Steven Cortez
  • Cousins: Gabrielle Cortez, Geronimo Kita,
  • Grandmothers: Cortez (née: Abano) (1942-), Adrianna Kita (née: Spinelli) (1945-)
  • Grandfathers: Jose Cortez (1941-), Brian Kita (1943-)
  • Stepgrandmother: Natalie Townsend (née: Zarr) ( -)
  • Stepgrandfather: Kristopher Townsend ( -)


  • Her full name is Carlotta
  • Her least favorite subject in school is science
  • Her favorite TV show is
  • Her favorite movie is
  • Her favorite activities are
  • Her favorite number is
  • Her favorite song is
  • Her favorite singer is


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