Jo Frost-12-2-11
In this episode, Jo travels to Toronto, Canada to meet the Cappers. Ian (34) and his wife Claire (32) own a cookie business, and they also have identical octuplet daughters: Katie, Natalie, Maria, Nicole, Leslie, Emma, Annie and Angela, who are all 4 years old. Annie, Emma, Natalie and Nicole are sweet well-behaved angels, but not Angela, Leslie, Maria and Katie. Angela is the ring-leader who leads Katie, Leslie and Maria in mayhem and chaos in the Capper family household, which makes things difficult for mom and dad balance between family time and business. The girls, Angela, Leslie, Maria and Katie color on the walls, say bad words, push, kick bite, terrorize the family pet dog, Snoopy, attack their well-behaved sisters, refuse to share their toys and do a lot of odd stuff around the clock. Can Jo step up to the plate and tame these wild girls?

Discipline Techniques: Cool-Down Area, Toy Confiscation

Other Techniques: Family Time, Socialization, Shared Play, Mommy and Me, Princess Reward Chart

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