[We see Catherine arriving home from school]

Catherine: "Bonjour!"

[Catherine hands her mother a paper about a Valentine's Day party at her kindergarten class]

Shopping for Valentine exchange cardsEdit

[Dennis stays home with a tutor while Marci takes her other children who are in preschool, kindergarten and elementary school to buy exchange cards]

Yoshi: "in Japan, Valentine's Day is celebrated on two different dates, February 14 and March 14."

Satoshi: "On the first date, the girl gives a gift to the guy and on the second date...known as White Day, the guy has to return the gift he recieved on February 14."

Yukina: "A Japanese girl has the luxury of actually choosing her own gift."

Mao: "Chocolate is the most popular gift in Japan."

Shizuka: "Most Japanese females believe that the chocolate that was bought from the store is not a gift of true love, they'd rather make it themselves."

Gardenia: (glancing over the exchange cards) "There's Justin Bieber, Phineas and Ferb, Twighlight: Breaking Dawn, Pokemon, Monster High, Disney Fairies, Barbie, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Cars, Spongebob Squarepants, Disney Princess, Batman."


[Catherine slips into bed with her Madeline plush doll]

[We see a satin fuchsia and white dress with a flower/ribbon pin attatched to the waist laid out to wear for the Kindergarten Valentine's Day party the next day]

[Caherine is fast asleep]

[A figure tiptoes into her bedroom and grabs her dress and begins shredding it into pieces]

[The figure is Stephen, who is one of the Zambian vigintuplets]

[Stephen smiles]

The next morningEdit

[We see Catherine crying in her mother's shoulders]

[Ji Min comes in]

Ji Min: "선배, 무슨 일이야?" (Translates to: "What's wrong, Catherine?")

[Catherine shows Ji Min her destroyed dress]

Marci: "Oh, Stephen snuck into Catherine's bedroom and destroyed the dress she was going to wear to her kindergarten class Valentine's Day party today."

Ji min: "Oh, no."

[Ji min gathers her sewing chest]

Valentine's Day Party at Catherine's kindergarten classEdit

[We see Catherine dressed in her valentines day dress]

Valentine's Day FestivalEdit

Matthew: "Be on your best behavior for the Valentine's Day festival!"

[Catherine curtsies]

Catherine: "I will, Daddy."

Matthew: "OK, that's my girl."

Celine: "Bah, shut up, four-eyes!"

Dennis: "Up yours!"

Marci: "Celine, Dennis, knock it off, both of you."

[Celine and Dennis start slapping each other]

[Marci pulls Celine and Dennis apart from each other]

Marci: "We do not slap each other, you two. OK? If you hurt each other again, you two will have a separate timeout when we get home. Is that clear?"

Dennis and Celine: "Fine!"

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