[We see Catherine arriving home from school]

Catherine: "Bonjour!"

[Catherine hands her mother a paper about a Valentine's Day party at her kindergarten class]

Shopping for Valentine exchange cardsEdit

[Dennis stays home with a tutor while Marci takes her other children who are in preschool, kindergarten and elementary school to buy exchange cards]

Yoshi: "in Japan, Valentine's Day is celebrated on two different dates, February 14 and March 14."

Satoshi: "On the first date, the girl gives a gift to the guy and on the second date...known as White Day, the guy has to return the gift he recieved on February 14."

Yukina: "A Japanese girl has the luxury of actually choosing her own gift."

Mao: "Chocolate is the most popular gift in Japan."

Shizuka: "Most Japanese females believe that the chocolate that was bought from the store is not a gift of true love, they'd rather make it themselves."

Gardenia: (glancing over the exchange cards) "There's Justin Bieber, Phineas and Ferb, Twighlight: Breaking Dawn, Pokemon, Monster High, Disney Fairies, Frozen, Ever After High, Trolls, Paw Patrol, Barbie, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Cars, Spongebob Squarepants, Disney Princess, Batman."


[Catherine slips into bed with her Madeline plush doll]

[We see a satin fuchsia and white dress with a flower/ribbon pin attatched to the waist with matching white tights and pink Mary Jane shoes laid out on the top of the dresser to wear for the Kindergarten Valentine's Day party the next day]

[Caherine is fast asleep]

[A figure tiptoes into her bedroom and grabs her dress and begins shredding it into pieces]

[The figure is Stephen, who is one of the Zambian vigintuplets]

[Stephen smiles]

The next morningEdit

[We see Catherine crying in her mother's shoulders]

[Ji Min comes in]

Ji Min: "선배, 무슨 일이야?" (Translates to: "What's wrong, Catherine?")

[Catherine shows Ji Min her destroyed dress]

Marci: "Oh, Stephen snuck into Catherine's bedroom and destroyed the dress she was going to wear to her kindergarten class Valentine's Day party today."

Ji min: "Oh, no."

[Ji min gathers her sewing chest]

Valentine's Day Party at Catherine's kindergarten classEdit

[We see Catherine dressed in her valentines day dress]

Valentine's Day FestivalEdit

Matthew: "Be on your best behavior for the Valentine's Day festival!"

[Catherine curtsies]

Catherine: "I will, Daddy."

Matthew: "OK, that's my girl."

Celine: "Bah, shut up, four-eyes!"

Dennis: "Up yours!"

Marci: "Celine, Dennis, knock it off, both of you."

[Celine and Dennis start slapping each other]

[Marci pulls Celine and Dennis apart from each other]

Marci: "We do not slap each other, you two. OK? Valentine's Day is a day of love and friendship. If you hurt each other again, you two will have a separate timeout when we get home. Is that clear?"

Dennis and Celine: "Fine!"