Nicole: "It was Groundhog Day at the Cap Family residence, and everyone was ready to see the groundhog emerge from its hole, but the entire day itself was ruined."

Marci: "Everyone, wake up! It is Groundhog Day today!"

Matthew: "Rise and shine! We have to see the groundhog pop out of his hole real fast!"

Marci: "Yeah, we don't wanna miss it!"

Seeing the GroundhogEdit

Nicole: "The family was waiting for the groundhog to emerge from his hole."

Matthew: "The groundhog will pop out of his hole any minute now....."

Marci: "Wait for it everyone..."

[The groundhog emerges from its hole]

Matthew: "Alas, the groundhog finally saw his shadow!"

Nicole: "Unfortunately, Celine and Stephen began to act up and ruin it by attacking the groundhog very severely."

[Stephen and Celine run up to the hole where the groundhog is, and they each grab one limb of the groundhog, and toss it from its hole]

[Stephen runs to the groundhog and jumps on it, causing the groundhog to squeal in pain]

Catherine: "Non! Stephen, laissez cette marmotte seul!" (Translation: "No! Stephen, leave that groundhog alone!")

Stephen: "Mind your own business, Catherine!"

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