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Nicole: "Easter for the Cap Family has arrived."

The Easter PartyEdit

Nicole: "The family was at Grandma Reese's house for the Easter party."

Grandma Reese: "I have booked the Easter bunny to come to the Easter party here!"

Matthew: "Sounds like a good idea, mother!"

Grandma Reese: "You are right, Matthew."

[The Easter bunny (who is actually someone in an Easter bunny costume) comes to the scene]

Marci: "Look, the Easter bunny is here!"

[The Easter bunny waves at everyone]

The Easter DanceEdit

Nicole: "The North and South Korean vigintuplets were doing a Korean dance for Easter."

[Korean music is playing]

Painting Easter EggsEdit

Nicole: "The Cap Family's kids were painting Easter eggs."

[The Cap Family kids are painting Easter eggs with their cousins]

Mikko: "Rakastan maalaus pääsiäismunat."  (Translates to: "I love painting Easter eggs.")

Bindi: "Me too, mate!"

[Catherine is painting her Easter eggs but a green blob of plaint splatters all over her Easter dress]

Catherine: "Hey! Qui a fait ça?" (Translates to: "Hey! Who did that?")

Emma: "Je ne sais pas, Catherine." (Translates to: "I don't know, Catherine.")

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