Jo Frost-11-11-11

Nanny Jo Frost meets 41-year-old Steve and 36-year-old Patricia Campbell from Charlotte, North Carolina, who desperately need help with disciplining their 5-year-old fraternal octuplets, Duncan, Jacob, Clementine, Yasmin, Akeelah, Aiden, Dakota, and Wake. The worst-behaved is Duncan. The oldest, 10-year-old Africa, feels left out due to her younger siblings' blatant behavior and is also well-behaved. Can Jo tame these wild and out-of-control tots with the Naughty Stool or will things make a turn for the worse?

Techniques also featured: Toy Confiscation, Stay in Bed, Roaming Technique, Good Eater, Shared Play, (for the Octuplets) and Thought Box (for Africa).

Table of Bad BehaviorEdit

The following is a table of the Octuplets and their bad behavior:

Octuplet Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4 Move 5 Move 6 Move 7 Move 8
Duncan Swearing Pinching Spitting Grabbing Faces Throwing Things Climbing on Furniture Pushing Running Out into Streets
Jacob Swearing Kicking Biting Grabbing Faces Throwing Things Climbing on Furniture Pulling Hair
Clementine Name-Calling Kicking Biting Slapping Writing on Walls Getting into Mommy's Makeup
Yasmin Swearing Kicking Spitting Grabbing Faces Writing on Walls
Akeelah Swearing Pinching Spitting Slapping
Aiden Name-Calling Pinching Biting
Dakota Name-Calling Kicking
Wake Name-Calling

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