Jo Frost-11-25-11

In this episode, Jo heads to Santa Fe to help single mother Brooke Camp (34) take back control of her five children after the divorce of her husband. While oldest children Stacey (12) and T.J. [Theodore Justin] (11) are well-behaved, it's the younger children that are naughty. Bonnie (7) refuses to eat fruit and vegetables and throws constant tantrums, Drew (5) refuses to sleep in his own bed at night and Lauren (2) whines and hits Mom to get her attention. Can Jo help this stressed-out mother?

Discipline techniques used: Naughty Chair (for Bonnie and Drew) and Naughty Pit (for Lauren).

Other techniques used: Stay in Bed, Good Eater, Chore Chart and Thought Box (for Stacey and T.J.).