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Came-Youreallugly Family
Season 29, Episode 10
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Bright Family
Mina Family
In this Fanon Season 29 episode, Gloria helps out this family. Nicolette Came (38) and Youshalldiebecause Youreallugly (40)... YOUSHALLDIEBECAUSE YOUREALLUGLY?!?! That's right, whenever someone watches television, touches anybody, or especially does not sit properly, or especially touches anything, Youshalldiebecause would put them in the brink of getting killed. His name was formerly Walter Came, but he got his name changed. They have four children, Geoffrey (7), Malcolm (5), Andrew (3), and Kevin (1). Youshalldiebecause most notably banishes his children straight into the attic, which leads them to become runaways.

Transcripts for Theory GamesEdit

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