The Calietta Family is a Fanon Season 23 episode of Supernanny. Gloria heads off to Venice, Italy to meet the Calietta Family. Mario, age 39, and Bella, age 37, have 5 children: Luigi, age 12, Angela, age 9, Francesco, age 6, and fraternal twins Giovanna and Flavio, age 4. Luigi slacks on his chores yet he is well-behaved. Angela cries and tells fibs. Francesco spits, bites, hits, and breaks things. But the twins are the worst. They refuse to eat their meals, draw on the walls, destroy furniture, have poor table manners, and do all other stuff. Can Gloria save this family from being near the edge of trouble? This episode marks an issue of the Reflection Room, Naughty Circle, Chore Buddy System, Good Eater, and Activity Dial.