CJ the Otter

How he looks.

Biography Edit

Cameron Jacob Joe-Andy Otter (also known as CJ) (born January 27th, 2003-05) is Samuel the Otter's another counterpart and imaginary twin brother from Another Lake Hoohaw, Another Canada. He is also Marilou's genderbent counterpart.


He is an orange otter with black hair combed down and wears an 80's style jean jacket and a yellow and blue striped T-Shirt underneath. He is also barefoot like Marilou.


Unlike Samuel, he is caring and polite, albeit very shy and timid. He is also very athletic, excelling at sports including baseball, basketball, football, soccer, etc. Like Marilou, he is a fan of The Wuzzles and Popples. He is obsessed with any 80's-related franchises appealing to males such as Transformers, Gobots, He-Man, ThunderCats, G.I. Joe, etc.

His obsession with Transformers developed a friendship between himself, Satoko Samo, and Maria Tachimi.


You like Transformers too, Satoko? that's fine, I've seen girls like what I like, You're weird and we still love you, My favorite is the G1 series, yours? ~ CJ to Satoko upon discovering her playing with Transformers in her room.

I think Pandeaver is my favorite Wuzzle. I like the Sports Popples the best. ~ CJ talking to his female counterpart Marilou.

Please, Another Nicole. Just try something new. ~ CJ encouraging Another Nicole to start liking boy stuff.

Another Nicole, I have never been so ashamed to like things appeal to boys, you have been attacking and whining at the woman and forcing your interests down her throat, I expected better from you, you are whining and hurting her because she is different.

Maria, you and I have a lot in common when it comes to interests. ~ CJ with Maria Tachimi.

Of all the people that such cruel people have hurt, a 23-year old Taiwanese man who died in Hiroshima?, thrree Chinese kids, but a 8-year old CHILD?! Now, that's over the top, reason? she was a tomboy, as a result, her parents, her grandpa, and even her old male classmates began using toys appeal to males to appease her soul, when her old classmate, Joseph visited the base, she recongized him and gave him a hug, me and her, we like playing our toys, Samantha also developed a friendship with her, she's very cute and nice, why did they do that to her? she just likes something different, that's all! ~ CJ on Maria.


  • He owns an NES and a collection of Game & Watch games. 

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