Buster Trikiate (born February 19, 2014) is one of the biological sons of John and Ellen Trikiate and the quintuplet brother of Lyle, Nestor, EJ and Linus.



Family TreeEdit


  • His full name is Buster Kyle Trikiate
  • He and his quintuplet brothers receive coal for Christmas 2017
  • He and his quintuplet brothers were expelled from 5 schools:
  1. Pinchmill Lower School for throwing books, toys and furniture at the children and teachers and the hazing incident
  2. Peter Pan Nursery for making a mess in the classroom
  3. Brunswick Nursery School for running around the classroom naked
  4. Southway Nursery for urinating and defecating on the furniture, running around the classroom naked and bullying other children
  5. Cherry Trees Nursery for scribbling pictures of their classmates being set on fire
  • He and his quintuplet brothers were kicked out of 14 daycares:
  1. Pinocchio Day Nursery for bullying other children their age
  2. Miles House Day Nursery for physical assault towards their teacher
  3. Little Acorns Day Nursery for vandalizing the nursery walls
  4. 100 Acre Wood Day Nursery for throwing toys at other children
  5. Mama Bear's Day Nursery for ripping off several pages of a few books
  6. Apple Tree Day Care Nursery for destroying the furniture
  7. YMCA Day Nursery for throwing cherry bombs at their classmates
  8. Tin Drum Nursery for knocking over the chairs and throwing them at other classmates
  9. Stepping Stones for aggressive behavior toward the owner in charge of the nursery
  10. Woodpeckers Day Nursery for drawing a picture of their teacher being crushed to death by a piano on the nursery floor
  11. Pooh Corner Day Nursery for stealing items from their teacher
  12. St. Paul's Day Care Nursery for splattering paint at other children during arts and crafts
  13. Once Upon a Time Day Nursery for swearing in front of the class
  14. Ashgrove Park Day Nursery for running around the nursery naked
  • He and his quintuplet brothers are fans of Sooty (2011 version)
  • His favorite color is
  • His favorite cake flavor is


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