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Nicole: "The Burns Family are all getting ready to go to Bundoran, Co. Donegal, which is in Ireland."

Nicola: " "

Lewis: "Why don't you call the travel agent?"

Nicola: " "

[Nicola goes to the phone in the and dials a number to the travel agent in Bundoran]

Nicola: "Hello "

Packing ThingsEdit

Lewis and Nicola's RoomEdit

[Nicola grabs her suitcase from her closet]

[Nicola puts her suitcase on her bed]

The 1st Set of Quadecaplets' RoomEdit

Glenn: "It's about time we went on holiday with the rest of our family!!"

Andrew: "Yeah bro, last year we had to go to Teen Camp instead of Disneyland Paris."

Stephanie: "We should've gone to Disneyland Paris this year, not Bundoran!"

Nicola: " "

The 2nd Set of Quadecaplets' RoomEdit

[Lewis arrives in the room]

The 3rd Set of Quadecaplets' RoomEdit

The 4th Set of Quadecaplets' RoomEdit

[Jill, Linda, Kerry, Shirley, Shauna, Julie-Ann and Natalie are deciding which Barbie and Sindy doll to pack]

The 5th Set of Quadecaplets' RoomEdit

Lewis: "Okay boys, "

The 6th Set of Quadecaplets' RoomEdit

Nathan: "I don't know what we're going to bring."

Nicola: "Let's see what we can pack for you."

Car TripEdit

Time to Go to BundoranEdit

Nicola: "We expect everybody to be on your best behavior when we get to Bundoran."

Nicola's CarEdit

Lewis' CarEdit

Arriving at BundoranEdit

Nicole: "The whole family are driving to the Atlantic Apartotel, which is the hotel they'll be staying in."

At the HotelEdit

[The family arrives at the Atlantic Apartotel]

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