Before the revolving line of creditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

Glenn: "This tastes like (bleep)!

Announcer: "Annie meets the Burns Family in Northern Ireland."

[John bites Phillip]

[Phillip hits John]

Announcer: "A family with six sets of quadecaplets..."

[The fifth set of quadecaplets try to run away]

Nicola: "Come back here right now!"

Darragh: "NO!!!!!"

Announcer: "...who rule the roost."

[Shona screams]

[Clodagh throws a book at Nicola]

[Yvonne pinches Lewis]

Lewis: "Yvonne..."

Submission ReelEdit

???: "Hi, we're the Burns Family, I'm Nicola."


Annie Arrives at the Burns DoorstepEdit

Meeting the First Set of QuadecapletsEdit

Nicola: "These are the oldest set of quadecaplets. These are Lucinda, Michelle, Adam, Tanya, Sarah, Graham, Stephanie, Glenn, Leah, Amy, Kathryn, Carly, Andrew and Tess."

[Glenn hits other kids]

[Andrew hits Glenn back]

[Kathryn pushes Andrew to the floor]

Introducing the Second Set of QuadecapletsEdit

Lewis: "These are Rory, Phillip, Christopher, John, Michael, Mark, Dermot, Sean, Niall, Conor, Ben, James, Kyle and Derek."

Rory: "Hello, you (bleep)."

Getting to Know the Third Set of QuadecapletsEdit

Nicola: "We'd like you to to meet Aine, Aisling, Claire, Eimear, Emma, Erin, Geraldine, Karen, Laura, Lisa, Niamh, Oonagh, Roisin and Yvonne."

Encountering the Fourth Set of QuadecapletsEdit

Lewis: "Over here, we have Jill, Brendan, Linda, Kerry, Malachy, Shane, Shirley, Shauna, Julie-Ann, Natalie, Russell, Paul, Ivan and Julian."

Being Acquainted with the Fifth Set of QuadecapletsEdit

Nicola: "These are the other set of the male identical quadecaplets. Their names are Daniel, Finn, Darragh, Donal, Eoghan, Lorcan, Harry, David, Dwayne, Blaine, Alexander, Darryl, Robbie and Pat."

Seeing the Sixth Set of QuadecapletsEdit

Lewis: "Now these will be the final set of quadecaplets. That's Edel, Amanda, Victoria, Darrien, Aoife, Clodagh, Shona, Stephen, Tyrone, Grant, Nathan, Jack, Francis and Ethan."

Observation BeginsEdit

AM MorningEdit

Julie-Ann: "You're poo!"

Shirley: "Don't call me poo."

Talk with Lewis and NicolaEdit

Annie: "After the children left for school, "

Annie: " "

Nicola: "Father's Day was ruined thanks to the first set "

Annie: " "

Lewis: " "

Annie: " "

Nicola: "We were spending Christmas at a ski resort in Vienna, Austria when things turned ugly. "

Annie: " "

Nicola: "And our trip to Bundoran in Co. Donegal was terrible "

Observation ContinuesEdit

Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit

[Annie brings out 28 cushions]

Annie: "These cushions are for the Reflection Area "


Naughty TentEdit

[Nicola sends ]

Nicola: "In you go."

Reflection AreaEdit

Naughty BoxEdit

Naughty SpotEdit

Naughty PitEdit