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Bryce Brown (born May 12, 2012) is a son of Steven and Peggy Brown.



Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Steven Brown (1980-)
  • Mother: Peggy Brown (née: Kajiki) (1984-)
  • Brothers: Elmer Brown (2010-)
  • Sisters: D.W. Brown (2006-), Tegan Brown (2011-), Michelle Brown (2014-)
  • Aunts:
  • Uncles:
  • Cousins:
  • Grandmothers: Martha Brown (née: Quagmire) ( -), Yvonne Kajiki (née: Pewterschmitz) ( -)
  • Grandfathers: Joseph Brown ( -), Jonouchi Kajiki ( -)


  • His full name is Bryce
  • He is a fan of


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