Bruna Remano (born January 5, 1982) is a mother of eight, young mother of Katarina, and wife of Hugo. She is also a grandmother of Aidan.

Personal LifeEdit

Bruna Giulia Cooke, an ethnic Italian, was born in 1982 by Niobrara, Wyoming. On 1993, at age 11, she moved to Lincoln, Nebraska.


She wears different outfits, so it is likely that she never wears the same thing two days in a row, or even more.

Family TreeEdit


  • Grandsons: Aidan Remano
  • Granddaughters: Adelle, Cheryl


  • Hugo Remano: They are husband and wife. They have a love relationship.
  • Orla Kirochu: They only met once.
  • Ji woong and Ji min Kirochu: She is a fan.


  • Bruna is mean-spirited at times, but deeply cares about her family and friends
  • Her full name is Bruna Rita Cooke-Remano

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