Nanny Jo sets off to Flathead Forest, Montana to meet the Brown family. 36-year-old Steven and 31-year-old Peggy have four children: 9-year-old D.W. (initialized for Denise Whitney), 3-year-old Bryce, 11-month-old Michelle, 5-year-old Elmer and 4-year-old Tegan. Bryce insists that he sleep in the same bed with his mom and dad rather than his own bed, D.W. who is diagnosed with a serious bee sting and nuts allergy, leaves her clothes all over the floor, slams the door, slaps, hits, punches, kicks, and even pinches her younger siblings, she spits, swears, and fights; Bryce, Tegan, and Elmer are picky eaters---they will not eat their fruits, nuts, or vegetables, they will only eat chocolate (without nuts), strawberries, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with crusts cut off, birthday cake, soft pretzels, candy, chocolate ice cream, macaroni and cheese, cheese pizza, and corn dogs. Bryce constantly screams, whines and cries for his mommy to pick him up constantly. But D.W is mostly well behaved. Nanny Jo introduces the Sleep in your own Bed, Don't Lift the Child, Good Eater, the Reflection Room for D.W., and the Naughty Box for Bryce, Elmer, and Tegan.