Brother, Brother is a novel by Kiyoshi Shako in 1948, it is about his two brothers who died in the WWII.




Do you miss your brothers?

I miss Ryou so bad, I want to see his shy nature one last time, I hated Ryosuke, we were horribly strained.

How did they die?

Ryou died of starvation, Ryosuke died from repeated stabs to the abdomen from Eric, that soldier that tried being friendly with Japanese POWs because he was a pacifist.

What is your reflection on Jiao/Jiko, Meimei/Meiko and Huizong/Hideki's death

Them, their mother was devastated, My reflection was a relief for them, they can sleep peacefully, no one can't hurt them now, but Meiko and Hideki, who were twins, weren't Japanese, but from colony from 1895 to 1945, Taiwan, they spoke Mandarin and Japanese, I had to admit it, Jiko, Meiko and Hiro's daughter, sounded adorable when speaking Mandarin, me, the Kuro Unit including my brother and their kids, we lived like a big happy family, and it was cute, I think, even though they lost their lives, except Yuuya, whom I raised.


The book received positive reviews from critics.