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Time to Go to Grandma Dagmar and Grandpa Marcello's HouseEdit

Christmas DayEdit

Time to Open PresentsEdit

Conrad: "Look inside your stockings."

[Kathryn, Noel and Allyson look inside their stockings]

Kathryn: "Amazing, I've got bath salts!"

Noel: "Sweet, I got Legos, lots and lots of candy, Hot Wheels cars, a box of crayons, a Bath Time Bubble Blower, Rearview Spy Glasses and changeable silly putty!"

Allyson: "Yay, I got Powerpuff Girls dolls, lollipops, candy, pencils, a Doll Craft Kit, a Pikachu mini-plush, some origami squares, cupcake bandages, temporary tattoos and finger puppets!"

[Michaela reaches into her stocking and finds nothing but big, fat, dirty lumps of coal]

[Michaela reveals a note from Santa that says "Michaela, you were anything but good forever this year. You lacerated your brother Noel, beheaded your mother, ruined her funeral, stole over $25,000 worth of merchandise from the mall and got expelled from 20 schools. Signed, Santa." in cursive]

Michaela: "If Santa comes, I'll kill him!"

[Michaela holds the lump of coal she has received from Santa, frowning]

[Kathryn opens up her presents]

Kathryn: "This is cool, I've got a Spa gift set!"

[Allyson opens up her presents]

Allyson: "Elmo, Dora, Candyland, crayons, puppy toy, Toys R Us."

[Noel opens up his presents]

Noel: "Wow, I got a Diego doll, a Meet the Pajanimals DVD, some candy, a firetruck toy, and a Linny TY Beanie Baby!"

The Missing PresentsEdit

[The cousins, Nick, Lance, Bronson, Amy, Eve, Zoe and Abby arrive downstairs to find their presents missing]

Lance: "Uncle Conrad, all our presents are missing."

Bronson: "I think the Grinch took them."

Conrad: "Shall we go see who took them?"

Christmas DinnerEdit

[On the table, we see Saffron-corn mashed potatoes, Classic Flan, chapulas with Chorizo and Spanish-Style Pork Rib Roast with Ran-Roasted Romesco Sauce]

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