The Britiana Family is a fanon season 9 episode of supernanny. Jo visits Oregon to help out Kathryn Britiana (23) and her fiance Adam Garland (24) from keeping her violent sibling out of control. When Kathryn was 17, she lost her mother, Tabitha, courtesy of Michaela (12) who beheaded her, because she grounded her for a year. The last two years, Michaela beheaded her father, Conrad, because he forbade her from seeing her boyfriend Robert, which forced Kathryn and Adam to become the parents. Michaela has violent outbursts, consisting of spitting, violent outrages, intense violence, sexual themes, partial nudity, consisting of swearing, and often punches things really far out the window. She sold her parents' heads on school grounds. She had been expelled from over 200 schools. Kathryn has also well-behaved siblings: Noel (10) and Allyson (8). Michaela also ruined both Tabitha and Conrad's funerals. Four years ago, Conrad married someone named Mariana (34). She is still alive, and lives on her own, never seeing Michaela until she can improve her behavior. Can Jo help this family or will Michaela make her dead meat?

Discipline techniques: Reflection Room and Green Smoothie.

Other techniques: All of these techniques.

Transcripts in Theory GamesEdit

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