Brit Alone is a non Supernanny-themed film but Nicole Birou-Jennings plays as Farley the Spy to give the main characters Elliot and Ava ( who are American) to escape a house in Reading,Berkshire,UK


Nicole Birou-Jennings as Farley the Spy

Robert Jennings

Adam Sandler as Conker the Spy (who is American)


Rating Edit

The film was rated R for blood,slapstick and unrearable toilet humor,strong language,suggestive explicit content,violence and a scene of a allergic reaction and death. Blood is shown in....a young Japanese girl is bleeding on the floor, and nearly dying after being brutally beaten by her biological mother. There is a lot of humor. Langauge like...A South Korean teenage boy swearing. There is violence in...a small Russian child being brutally lacerated in the back by her biological mother and there is a lot of guns in the film. Kimik and Shea (who are British)'s mother dies when Farley pours shrimp juice on her head first. It was originally an NC-17 because of the death but they changed it to R.

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