The Bright Family is a Fanon season 29 episode of Supernanny. Ruth Higgins heads off to Phoenix, Arizona to assist Moe age 52, and Lulu age 49 with their 4 children: David, age 16, Alyssa, age 15, Pam, age 12, and Jackson, age 10. The boys are well-behaved, but the girls are nothing but masters of disasters. Alyssa has just started hanging out with college people who smoke cigarettes and take drugs and are just as bad as her. Pam has no respect for authority and has violent outbursts when things don't go her way. David and Jackson often feel left out because of their sisters' unacceptable behaviors, especially Jackson who has Asperger's Syndrome and gets picked on constantly by his sisters because of his condition. Can Ruth stop the terrorizing teens in the household? This episode marks an issue of the Calm Down Zone, Lose What You Like Chart (For Alyssa and Pam), Family Time, Trust Technique and Friends Technique.